Observe your Horizons

Clicking through your browser tabs trying to find the correct Horizon instance? With Observer, you just open the app and switch between your Laravel Horizon instances with a simple shortcut.

“+1, the tool that I never knew I needed but instantly fell in love with. So much care has been put into the design and development in it. Well done, this is dope!”

Daniel Ferguson
Observer - Observe all your Laravel Horizon instances 😎 | Product Hunt

A dedicated desktop application.

All your favorite Laravel Horizon features (and a few new ones) are packed into a single desktop application. A must-have productivity booster for every Laravel developer.

Unlimited Instances

Add all your Horizon instances without a sweat. Five, twenty, one hundred? Observer got you covered!

Zonda Speed

Fast, lightweight, and reusable data fetching with caching for a real-time experience.


Add all your environments to Observer and label them accordingly for easy access.

Command Palette

Use the command palette to quickly navigate between all your Horizon instances.


Monitor your queue settings like the maximum amount of processes, memory limits, and timeouts.

Smart fetching

Observer will automatically resume fetching when you wake up your device or reconnect to the internet.

Easy Installation

Observer works with every Laravel application, and it only takes two minutes to set up.

Made for Laravel Developers

Observer is made to help all awesome Laravel developers out there to get even more productive.


Convenience is within your reach

Boost your productivity with Observer.

Single Click Checkout
$ 19.99
You get one year of free updates and can keep using the app forever.
If for any reason you feel that our Observer did not live up to your expectations we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 14 days.
Local taxes may be added during the checkout. Your license can be used on two devices.
Observer helps me managing my queues directly from desktop. Great app, well designed and easy to use.
Observer allows me to keep an eye on my queue right from the desktop, a delightful addition to the powerful horizon package.
I just purchased Observer and am really happy someone build an app to manage multiple Horizon instances!
+1, the tool that I never knew I needed but instantly fell in love with. So much care has been put into the design and development in it. @Philo01 - well done, this is dope!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that is not listed below?
Drop us an email at support@observer.dev.

What are the requirements for using Observer?
Observer has been tested with Horizon v5 and requires the URL to your Horizon instance to work. When using Observer for production environments, a few minor changes are needed, don't worry, it only takes two minutes. Observer is available on macOS, Linux and Windows.
I'm unable to add my Horizon instance
Observer should return the response code from the server to inform you why Observer was not able to connect to your instance. If the server does not respond with an error, the issue is caused by incorrect CORS headers. Learn how to configure your Laravel application.
What are the available shortkeys?
To switch between instances, you can use ⌘K.
If you want to add a new Horizon instance, you can use ⌘N.
What happens if my license expires?
Once your license expires, you can continue to use Observer, but you will no longer receive any updates.
On how many devices can I use Observer?
Your license can be activated on two devices.
How many Horizon instances can I manage with Observer?
There is no limit; you can add all your Horizon instances.